What Matters Now. A free eBook from Seth Godin

“What Matters Now” is an e-book that was created and curated by Seth Godin as he invited writers, bloggers, thinkers and doers to contribute 20-200 words about what they were thinking about as we head into 2010.

I was honored to have been asked to contribute to the e-book. My contribution, titled “Connected”, is on page 12.

More importantly, I think you will find an inspiring thought (or three) on every page. Writers include many of my heroes like Mr. Godin, Tom Peters, Hugh Macleod, Fred Wilson, Alan Weber, John Moore, Tony Hsieh, Guy Kawasaki and many more (over 70 essays in all).

You can download it for free here or view it online at scribd.com here. Or simply click through the Scribd document below.

It is free to share, post, tweet,etc…. and promotes a very worthy cause for those less fortunate than us. Happy reading and my thanks to Seth for inviting me to join in!

What Matters Now

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