Don’t Lie About Who You Are

I don’t care if you call it your purpose, your “why” or your mission.

What I do care about is this:

1) That you don’t lie about who you are

This is human nature that fuels business nature. We lie about who we are because it is easier to think about an ideal that we see and/or admire. We often find ourselves wanting to be like someone we admire (Or at least an idealized version of someone we admire). And we do the same with our businesses. But your business, just like you, is unique. It has its own personality, quirks and mannerisms. The right people will be attracted to it for all of those unique traits and the wrong people will be turned away. Why would you want it any other way?

Want to have more fun running your business?  Let it be itself. Warts and all.

2) That you are wildly persistent about proving it.

If you can get straight about who you are then what you MUST do is figure out every possible way you can demonstrate and prove it to your staff, clients and the market. Writing it on a poster, in your brochure or on your web site is not proof.  I am talking about the ways you impact human beings with what makes you real and unique. The moments you create for people. As large a moment as when they use your product or service and as small as a note you put on your invoice. How many of these moments can you create?

If you are a funny group of people, write a joke book.

If you have insane technical expertise then create a seminar or write a book.

If a client does not know everything they should know then set up a lunch to change it. Even if that means an expensive plane trip.

The possibilities are as endless as your imagination and your guts to start trying new things.

Anybody can make a claim. Very few prove it.