I Quit. You Need To Go.

People leaving your company, because they quit or you let them go, is the least discussed and most disruptive aspect of … More

The Power & Glory Of Asking For Help

Everyone talks about doing the right things to minimize the risks of their business. But here is the problem, owning a business is risky. And the risks that become real are never the ones that we plan for. So, as they say, shit happens to business…

Nobody Cares About Your Why

With apologies to Simon Sinek, nobody really cares about your “why.” They want you to care about theirs. Most every business I … More

Reaching The Top 3% Of Your Industry

Put all those business books down, throw all the textbooks away and just do the 1 thing that will never let you down. After many years of listening to businesses, experiencing the service they provide and working with them to get things done I hav…

Your 36 Month Year

How would you run your business if your year was 36 months long instead of 12?  While you consider that … More

eBook: Don’t Perfume The Pig

When you are ready to sell your business, will your business be ready to sell? Selling my business 11 years ago taught me many lessons that I learned in the process and in the years since. Distance from “the hurricane” of running a business has ma…